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We believe in Results-Based strategies driven by data to get you in front of your target audience. To attract consumers in a crowded marketplace, your target audience needs to know why they should choose your business over someone else’s.

Why Does Geek Heros Do What We Do?

We believe in the power of small-businesses and their impact on our lives. Small businesses should have the advantages the big guys have and that's where our passions lie. We know small business owners have a passion for what they do and we want to let them do it. We say let us do the Marketing so you can do what you love to do.
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geek heros plan to results

We believe that you don't need to be a big company to outsource your Marketing, we make that possible with different levels of support throughout your Journey with us.
Online Presence
Hosting & Care Plans
Hosting & Full Care Plans
Organic Search
Email Marketing
Active Campaign Marketing

Geek Heros Websites

We build amazing websites that are mobile first and are developed with a focus on UX/UI, Speed, Modern Design and SEO.
Starter Site
Created With Beautiful Designs That Will Get You Noticed
Custom Site
A Custom Solution Without Compromise, Everything You Want And Need
Advanced Site
Taking Our Beautiful Designs To The Next Level To Generate Some Serious Users
E-Commerce Site
Increase Conversions With An Online Store Focusing On UX/UI And The Entire Customer Experience

What is hosting and maintenance

Become less stressed, more productive, and maybe a little happier. Choose the hosting package that works for you. Try is risk free for 14-days.
An affordable hosting option for starter sites. Ideal for up to a dozen small websites.
Basic Care Plan
When you need more than just hosting. When you need regular updates to your site and fixes on WP sites.
When you need more than Shared Hosting, but not quite a complete VPS.
Care Plan Pro
When you want Hosting, Maintenance, and Foundational SEO. As changes are made and new pages added we update your SEO.

SEO Journey

SEO is a long journey that you need to take with someone you trust. We focus on things that provide the greatest ROI and adjust when needed. We build up a solid foundation and then create great content for you to get found. 
Technical SEO
A Good Foundation Gets You Found, Mitigates Issues, & Cushions Effects From Algorithm Updates
Off-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO, The Things That Happen Outside Of Your Site, What Have You Done?
On-Page SEO
Keywords And On-Page SEO Apply This To All Of Your Content And Get Found
Local SEO
Local SEO, Get Your Small Business Found Locally

Email Automation

Join 150,000 people like you using the #1 Customer Experience Automation platform. This month only, get started with 50% off when you sign up for an ActiveCampaign plan.
Ecommerce automation is like hiring someone to manage the sales for your online store. From abandoned carts to order fulfillment, you can get more customers and save time doing it.
Close more deals and shorten your sales cycle with the ActiveCampaign CRM. Spend your time on selling, not admin.
Go beyond email. Leverage a complete set of marketing tools (including web, social, email, chat, and text) to meet your customers where they are, and meaningfully engage at every stage of the customer lifecycle.
Increase conversions with a beautiful online store layout. Enjoy the ease of use for your customer.

Client Customer Service is our #1 priority

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Geek hero Sites
Why our sites are Better

Oxygen Builder
Oxygen Builder allows you to create a website from the ground up. It replaces the need for a theme in WP and your limitation becomes your imagination. With clean code Oxygen Builder has a massive performance increase compared to other builders. We build it right the first time.
Mobile First
Mobile First is here and now. Google ranks pages based on your mobile versions. If you want to rank first, this needs to be a priority. 70% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, 15% more unique clicks for Mobile Optimized sites, and 57% of consumers DO NOT Recommend Businesses with poor mobile websites. 
Veteran Owned & Operated
Used to performing under tight timelines and higher levels of stress gives veterans a unique approach to the mission. Being mission driven allows us to do whatever we need to make your goals succeed. 
Working with various companies through the years communication has always been something we kept improving. We have a refined process of communication using Asana, slack, email, text, regular one-on-one meetings, and anything else clients might work with internally to make their lives easier. 
Modern Design
If you have ever visited a website that you left saying hmm... that reminds me of 2010, well you're not alone. We make sure to build with the most modern designs and User Experience to make sure your site stays up to date for as long as possible.
We Are SEO Experts
We know how important SEO is and we pride ourselves of setting up the foundation for SEO in all of our site builds. What you'll get is the foundation you need to make sure all your efforts are actually found by google and have a better shot of being shown.

Expand your business possibilities

We want you to succeed. To help you, we have put together some great FREE tools and personalized audits.

Blogs, more content is a must. Consider removing the dates so it isn’t obvious that nothing has been posted for awhile.

We are here to help,
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If you need help getting started with your project we can help. The first real step is to talk with one of our Hero's that are more than happy to help solve your problem or guide you down the right path.

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