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Hey all, thought I'd share some of my best "secret" pieces of software for various things.

1. Event plugin on WP for handle all event scheduling and ticket purchasing. Eventin WP Plugin

2. WooCommerce LTD for Variation Swatches Variation Swatches

3. Swift Reply, This is where I create, manage, and share canned responses instead of using google docs or having 10 different files. SwiftReply - Instantly send canned responses

4. Dreamhost is the number one hosting service I recommend to all of my clients. They have the best customer service I have every experienced and they never tell you "We don't do that, you have to ask your developer" they just go right ahead and fix your problems for you. I recommend the dreampress package that will be on a dedicated server (shared = 5 ppl on the internet in your house, dedicated means just you). DreamHost

5. YayImages is another stock image tool I use. YayImages

6. Human Presence is a tool I use to stop spam on WordPress without using a captcha on my forms. Human Presence 

7. Grab Your Reviews is a software I use to keep all my reviews in one place. I think 50+ platforms it aggregates my reviews in one place for me. Grab Your Reviews 

8. Easyflow is what I use to visually automate stuff. I use others, but this one is less expensive and has a LTD currently. Easyflow 

9. Wordhero is one of my assistants in writing. It's an AI content writer that you literally give it an idea, click go, and it creates however many words you want in an instant. It's not a solution, it's just a good start. WordHero - AI Content Writer 

10. Gini is an investor-friendly financial modeling software that allows you to see your valuation. It's not perfect but gives you a good framework and really gives you a strong grasp of everything. It's also a young company that's growing and adding things regularly. gini 

11. EmailBadge is what I use for email signatures. Everyone should have one. Email Badge

12. Parallel is a great piece of software for the more complicated onboarding of clients. This is a way to automate and centralize the process. Parallel 

13. Fliki is a tool I haven't had a chance to use yet, but what it does is turns your text into videos with AI voiceover. They have over 640 AI voices and 60+ languages with 90+ dialects. It's kinda scary. Fliki

14. FeedBear is what I use for customer feedback. You need it even if you don't want it or want to take the time to get it. FeedBear 

15. Brandalyzer is what I use to quickly take a look at a company and get some estimates on how big they are, employee count, and what they do. Brandalyzer 

16. Radaar is my all-in-one social media management platform. It has a LTD rn going on and everyone should have a management tool for social to save time. Radaar 

17. WP Reset is what I use for backing up my wp sites and resetting them and recovering them. WP Reset 

18. Crove is a tool that can be used for businesses working with an intensive paperwork-heavy process. Like government contracts. It helps automate a lot of the process, organizes it, and saves you time. Crove

19. Logic Sheet is what I use to automate stuff in google sheets. Logic Sheet 

20. Samdock is a simple CRM that's visual and nice to get started with. Samdock CRM

21. If you have a lot of emails you need to send out, but don't want to pay for an email marketing service to house all those contacts I go to this piece of software. It's a game-changer. Mailmeteor 

22. Lead Scrape is a great tool to pull verified emails from any industry or company you want. It's not perfect, but it works very well. Enough said. LeadScrape 

23. Analyzz is a LTD tool that shows you heatmaps for your site. Analyzz

24. Clockk is an AI-powered time-tracking software. Clockk

25. For my photographers, Watermarkup is what it sounds like. This marks up your images that you take with watermarks that are your brand. Watermarkup

26. DottedSign is an alternative to DocuSign but has an LTD for $40/forever. DottedSign

27. Ingimage is one of the tools I use for stock images, vector graphics and HD video. Ingimage


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