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We are a Chicago based digital marketing agency. We work together to tell companies stories to accelerate their growth.

The Mission of geek heros

At Geek Heros we have a balanced team to meet your creative needs. We have strategic planners that help you set your goals, & a team of tenacious Heros to get you there. We believe in treating all of our clients fairly & bringing the best customer service to everyone, big or small. Marketing & SEO are in a state of constant change. We have great leaders with forward-thinking mindsets ready to adjust for the changes that will occur.

Allow businesses to do what they love, & leave the marketing to us.
Some of the Organizations that have been a part of our journey.

Who is Patryk Stanczak

I'm a Polish immigrant that's lived in Chicago my whole life, Elmwood Park to be exact. Being an immigrant and Citizen of America I had the urge to serve my country. I went on to serve in the Marine Corps from 2012-to 2017 rising to the ranks of Sargent working with electronics and Radar Systems doing some pretty cool things. 

I got to go through Microsoft's MSSA program during my transition and learned a ton. I then finished my tour and returned to Chicago ready to take the Marketing world by storm.

I went on to become the Chicago City Leader for Bunker Labs in order to continue to make an impact in the entrepreneurial and veteran community. All the meantime I fell in love with Marketing and what it had to offer. It has so many parallels with the military which I loved and felt right at home with. 

I've gotten pretty good at it and want to make an impact by helping all small businesses make lots of money and change the world. 

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