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"You Want To Bring People To Your Site And Build And Keep Them Coming Back" – Patryk Stanczak

Advanced Website Features

There are many things that an Advanced Website has to offer.


Credibility is seen as the most important aspect or criterion in establishing trustworthiness.

Modern Design

Having a Modern Website is more important than ever as most customers go online first.

Lead Capture

One of the most powerful reasons to have a website is to capture those leads that are coming in.

SEO Foundation

With a strong SEO Foundation, you can build a great business that lasts.


To Increase your visibility a Blog is a great tool. The more content you create, the more opportunity you have to show up in Search Results.

Service Pages

Drive your clients through the journey you want with service or product pages. Show them exactly what they need to see.

Lightning Speed

Last thing you want is a great site that you put so much time and money into that loads slowly... Building sites with no bloat allows for quick speeds from the get-go.

Industry Pages

Drive your industry specific prospects to pages that help them clearly see how your service or product will work for them.
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If you need help getting started with your project we can help. The first real step is to talk with one of our Hero's that are more than happy to help solve your problem or guide you down the right path.

Featured Projects

Here is some of the work I've done. I've got more if you ask.

Cleaning Site

Simple Cleaning Service Site that is very easy to follow and allows for a very simple and robust sign up process.

Human Relations Site

Cool Flying Site that offers everything they need all in one place. 

Wedding Site

Great example of a way to showcase your brand while also selling music and Guitar lessons. 

Brewery Site

This Brewery Site showcases how a simple brewery can be branded into something of an experience to enjoy by all starting on the website.

Dental Practice Site

What separates Dental Practices? Nothing really unless you know someone that knows someone (referral) or you find them on google and they're close to you. Finally a great site that separates itself from other Dental offices.

Vineyard Site

Showcases a big event that was coming up and needed to generate some serious buzz behind it. You start with a site that showcases everything that will be at the event little by little while creating a lot of Buzz! Also, a sign up and payment portal.

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Geek hero Sites
Why We're Better

Oxygen Builder
Oxygen Builder allows you to create a website from the ground up. It replaces the need for a theme in WP and your limitation becomes your imagination. With clean code Oxygen Builder has a massive performance increase compared to other builders. We build it right the first time.
Mobile First
Mobile First is here and now. Google ranks pages based on your mobile versions. If you want to rank first, this needs to be a priority. 70% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, 15% more unique clicks for Mobile Optimized sites, and 57% of consumers DO NOT Recommend Businesses with poor mobile websites. 
Veteran Owned & Operated
Used to performing under tight timelines and higher levels of stress gives veterans a unique approach to the mission. Being mission driven allows us to do whatever we need to make your goals succeed. 
Working with various companies through the years communication has always been something we kept improving. We have a refined process of communication using Asana, slack, email, text, regular one-on-one meetings, and anything else clients might work with internally to make their lives easier. 
Modern Design
If you have ever visited a website that you left saying hmm... that reminds me of 2010, well you're not alone. We make sure to build with the most modern designs and User Experience to make sure your site stays up to date for as long as possible. We want a solid foundation of functionality with a great modern design.
Built With SEO-In-Mind
We know how important SEO is and we pride ourselves of setting up the foundation for SEO in all of our site builds. What you'll get is the foundation you need to make sure all your efforts are actually found by google and have a better shot of being shown.

What's Next?

So you built a site, now what? There will be upkeep to the site, you'll want people to start finding it on their own, you might want to put together a marketing strategy as well, capture emails, do ads and get your cat out of a tree.. Well there seems to be so much to do. Here are a few follow-up things you can do!
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Hosting & Maintenance
You want to focus on running your business and not having to deal with small issues and updates on the site. We continue with you and maintain the beautiful site for you and your customers.
Organic Growth
Organic Growth is the long-game. You need to start SEO as soon as possible to generate that organic traffic to your site and into the bottom line.
Marketing Strategy
You have a great site and need to drive traffic. We go through your business and devise a unique Holistic Marketing Strategy just for you to drive more sales.
Email Automation
Using ActiveCampaign as our foundation, we create and implement automations to fully automate and maximize your email list.


Compare Packages


✓ 3 Unique Pages
✓ Landing Page
✓ Contact Page
✓ Blog Setup
✓ Custom Form
✓ SEO Foundation
About Us Page
Service Pages
Industry Pages
Custom Integrations
Point Eight
Starter PLAN


✓ 5-9 Unique Pages
✓ Landing Page
✓ Multiple Contact Pages
✓ Blog Pages
✓ Custom Forms
✓ SEO Foundation
✓ About Us Page
✓ Service Pages
✓ Industry Pages
Custom Integrations
1-Year Support
Advanced PLAN


✓ 10+ Unique Pages
✓ Same Pages As Advanced
✓ Custom Forms
✓ SEO Foundation
✓ Custom Forms
✓ SEO Foundation
✓ About Us Page
✓ SEO Foundation
✓ Industry Pages
✓ Custom Integrations
1-Year Support
custom PLAN

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a website?

Our Starter Site can be done within a week if all assets are provided. The Advanced site will take 4-6 weeks on average. The length of the website build will depend on a few things. First is how big will the site be? Second, is there a deadline we have to meet because of an event or something like that? Third, how long will it take before we get assets from you we need to make the site pop and give it the feel it needs?

Will people find me after the site is up?

Unfortunately unless you send people directly to your site, people will not start finding you immediately. This is where SEO comes into play. You want to start building your online traffic organically with SEO. You might also consider Paid Ads if that's part of your marketing strategy and budget to help add fuel to the flame and get some traffic quickly. 

What now after the sites built?

So you built your site, congratulations!!! But now you need some upkeep on the site and maybe some foundational SEO. Look into our Hosting and Maintenance packages. If you want to get started slowly with some SEO look into the Care Plan Pro where we Host, Maintain, and do foundational SEO.

What if I already have a site and just need some things changed?

Let's hop on a call and see what changes you need done specifically. You can click the Schedule button near the top of the screen by the navigation to schedule a time to chat. We'll see what you have, see what you need, and then find the best solution for you.

What Stuff Should I have Prepared?

There are a few questions that will need to be answered before we begin, we call this our Discovery period. The first thing you need to do to start off is select the site plan that best fits your needs and follow the link. There you'll fill out some crucial questions that we'll need to get started as well as schedule a call to go over everything.

How do I choose between the Starter or Advanced Sites?

What we tell businesses is they should get the Advanced Site. What we do is start people off with the Starter site with a basic One-Page Landing page Site for less cost than the Advanced Site. We build it with SEO in mind so you can build on it as you go. We also let people upgrade whenever they want for the difference in cost between what they paid and the Advanced Site Cost.

What if I get the Starter site and later want the Advanced Site?

Client relationships and Customer Service are two very important things to us, we want to make sure you think of us for all your marketing needs. In order to do this we have a upgrade feature for our sites that allows you to just upgrade whenever you want for the difference in cost between what you already paid for the Starter Site and the Advanced Site Cost. 

How will information be exchanged?

Communication is very important to us. We use a combination of Asana as our PM tool and Email to communicate. If you have a preferred method, we will use that as well. We will have a few phone calls throughout including a Discovery call initially and a Final call to go over any last second changes.
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