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Rank higher in local search

Ensure online business information is accurate

Monitor and respond to customer reviews

Generate more reviews

Be found by local searchers

Get your products and services in front of the right people when they are searching for it.
Monitor keyword rankings at a city and zip code level
Track rankings across Google and Bing
Create keyword groups to track performance for different products and services
Add multiple locations and report on each

Build local listings, boost local rankings!

Stay on top of your online visibility. We help you identify and build missing business listings on top directories, as well as niche, industry specific sites.
Let us build new listings for you — we’re fast and cost-effective
We’ll also fix inaccurate existing listings and remove duplicates
Submit to data aggregators to reach dozens of directories in one go

Stay on top of reviews

See all your reviews from across the web in one place.
Get notified about new reviews
Respond to Facebook and Google reviews with a single click
Spot common issues within reviews to improve your business

Grow your customer reviews

Create engaging feedback campaigns that will skyrocket your review numbers.
Pick which review sites need a boost
Upload contacts and send review request emails
Customize our templates to match your brand
Create unique links to generate reviews anywhere: via SMS, on printed receipts, in-store, and more
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Our Local SEO Process
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Free Local SEO Audit
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Get The Work Done
Get Found!

What's Involved

Online is Driving Offline Sales
Google My Business (GMB)
Local 3-Pack Rankings
Local Rankings
Rank Checker
Reputation Manager
Local Search Audit
On-Page Signals
Monthly Meetings

"SMBs that are making the most use of online are 2.8 times more likely to enjoy revenue growth than those who do not" -Google

What's Next?

So you built a site, technical SEO, and On-Page Strategy, now what? There will be upkeep to the site, you'll want people to start finding it on their own, you might want to put together a marketing strategy as well, capture emails, do ads and get your cat out of a tree.. Well there seems to be so much to do. Here are a few follow-up things you can do!
free marketing strategy call
Hosting & Maintenance
You want to focus on running your business and not having to deal with small issues and updates on the site. We continue with you and maintain the beautiful site for you and your customers.
Organic Growth
Organic Growth is the long-game. You need to start SEO as soon as possible to generate that organic traffic to your site and into the bottom line.
Marketing Strategy
You have a great site and need to drive traffic. We go through your business and devise a unique Holistic Marketing Strategy just for you to drive more sales.
Email Automation
Using ActiveCampaign as our foundation, we create and implement automations to fully automate and maximize your email list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You go and get a FREE quick and easy Local SEO Audit and you'll get a full report in a matter of minutes.

How long does Local SEO Take?

The most commonly asked question. The answer is it depends.. not the best answer, but it will take a while and depending on your budget and other marketing efforts you are taking, it could be quicker. We always tell our clients that for any long-term growth that comes from SEO you will need to give it a solid 6 months to see results. The longer you do this, the bigger the results will be. Think of a snowball effect.

What is GMB?

GMB or Google My Business is a staple in Local SEO. This is where it all begins for Local SEO. You want to get a FREE GMB profile for your business to get started (you can hide your address from being displayed) and fill out the profile in it's entirety. You'll want to constantly push getting Reviews on here and at least monthly keep the content on there "fresh" by adding things such as posts.

Do I need a website to start Local SEO?

No, you do not, that's the best part! For Local Businesses that are just getting started a inexpensive Local SEO package is what we always recommend. If you don't have a site yet but want to do something to drive traffic, we recommend Local SEO. The things you'll need are GMB, some social media profiles, and then the big component which is Listings and Citations. You want to build all this out and monitor it all including those great Reviews you'll have and need to answer promptly.

What are Listings / Citations?

Building Listings / Citations helps businesses create local relevancy on Google Search Engines. You can gain more authority and show up more often in more places around your local area of impact. Citations are a key factor when it comes to ranking for local points around your main location. 

How often do you monitor and build Citations?

The Citations you build up should be monitored closely and updated whenever there are changes. You need a system in place to be able to show the most accurate data in order to give the best chances of showing up in a 3-pack on the Google Search Engine Results Page. 

How long to start showing up Locally?

To get found locally it can be as little as one months time. You set up the GMB page and then fill it out in it's entirety. You then work on Listing / Citation building and give it some time for Google to take notice. You then reassess with a real-time tool and you should be able to see yourself make some kind of impact in a months time. 

What kinds of businesses does this work for?

Local SEO can and should be for all businesses. GMB on the other hand, per Google is for businesses with a physical location that people can come to and perform business there. 
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