Off-Page SEO, the things that happen outside of your site, what have you done?

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"Off-Page Search Engine Optimization is not just about links." -Neil Patel

Why Focus on Off-Page SEO

Stronger Brand Presence

Increasing more authoritative links such as Forbes will definitely increase the way people see your Brand.

Increase SERP Rankings

With better links on authoritative pages, people will venture onto your site and google will see this.

Increase PageRank

This is different than SERP ranking as this determines the rank of each page and it's chances of SERP rankings.

More Website Exposure

With great links come great traffic. If you want more exposure tell more people about your site.

More Residual Business

If more people see you in different places that builds trust and people like to do business with the businesses they trust.

More Traffic

With more exposure on different places on the internet, you'll end up receiving more traffic.

Anchor Text

With all that new traffic you want to naturally lead people to different pages throughout your site. Anchor text is the way you do this.

Increase # of Referring Domains

You want to put out great content and get others to share you as well as put your link on their sites.
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off-Page SEO are your links relevant, trustworthy, and have authority?

Off-Page SEO Audit

Get An Off-Page SEO Audit, Anytime.

Off-Page SEO Possibilities

Many Parts To Off-Page SEO, Unique Strategies For Each Company
Audit of Site
Negative Link Removal
Link Building
Brand Building
Content Marketing
Local SEO
Social Media
Influencer Marketing
Guest Posting
Content Syndication
Industry Leading Tools
Link Strategy
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Google Needs Unique, Niche Relevant and Fresh Content

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Why We're Better

Weekly Meetings
Making sure we are on track week to week is very important. What we do is have weekly meeting and use a PM tool called Asana in order to make that happen. This is coupled with constant communication.
Built-In Dashboard
Being able to see progress is paramount. We have a real-time built-in-dashboard that you'll have access to and that we will customize to your specific KPIs. We want to make sure we are achieving our goals. 
Veteran Owned & Operated
Used to performing under tight timelines and higher levels of stress gives veterans a unique approach to the mission. Being mission driven allows us to do whatever we need to make your goals succeed. 

What's Next?

So you built a site, technical SEO, and On-Page Strategy, now what? There will be upkeep to the site, you'll want people to start finding it on their own, you might want to put together a marketing strategy as well, capture emails, do ads and get your cat out of a tree.. Well there seems to be so much to do. Here are a few follow-up things you can do!
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Hosting & Maintenance
You want to focus on running your business and not having to deal with small issues and updates on the site. We continue with you and maintain the beautiful site for you and your customers.
Organic Growth
Organic Growth is the long-game. You need to start SEO as soon as possible to generate that organic traffic to your site and into the bottom line.
Marketing Strategy
You have a great site and need to drive traffic. We go through your business and devise a unique Holistic Marketing Strategy just for you to drive more sales.
Email Automation
Using ActiveCampaign as our foundation, we create and implement automations to fully automate and maximize your email list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You sign up for a Off-Page SEO Audit and one of our Hero's will hop on a call with you going over everything in-depth.

Do I need to install anything?

There are many factors that this depends on, but usually the answer is yes. If you are using WordPress for your CMS than you will be able to install a tool such as RankMath in order to manage some of the Technical and On-page SEO.

Is PR and Off-Page SEO the same?

There are many components to Off=Page SEO and Public Relations, but they do overlap quite a bit. Off-Page SEO deals with acquiring three tiers of links and more so on the tier 3 links.. the ones that are easier to get and don't generate as much buzz as Forbes for example. PR is more about getting found via Press Releases and other things in order to get picked up by news and big media companies. 

What is SEO and what are the results supposed to be?

Search Engine Optimization is part of the inbound marketing portion of your marketing funnel. The goal is to get new people to the site without spending ad dollars. The results you'll see from it are in the form of Organic Traffic. Organic Traffic is traffic that comes to your page from a search engine results page (SERP) such as Google. Someone has to search for something, one of your URLs come up and that person clicks on the link and comes to your page.

When should I start Off-Page SEO?

You should start this ASAP. You want to see what links all your competitors have and go after that first. Check out some local links you can win too. Then move on to the low hanging fruit if you have a physical business with Local SEO. 

What are Links and link building?

Links are literally your URL and link building is getting your URL posted somewhere on the internet for a specific reason and goal. One goal could be to get more traffic. 

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