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We think that SEO is a very important part of Marketing along with a functional beautiful website. This is a long and hard part of marketing that we want you to be prepared for. Let us give you some help and offer you free audit that will give you the roadmap you need to beat out the competition.
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You schedule a call below at a time that is convenient for you and fill out some basic information.
The Geek Heros Team works on getting you a high-quality audit put together for our meeting.
During the meeting, we get to know what makes your business so great! We go through your strenghts and things you can improve upon.
We build a list of things for you to do and prioritize it for you. Everything in the audit is color coded with green being good and red being bad to make it simple.

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If you are completely lost with navigating the use of SEO, Patryk is your guy. I had no clue where to begin with improving my SEO for my website. The information Patryk provides is absolutely golden. He is very thorough with his audit and explains it in a way that just simply makes sense. I truly gained a better understanding of how to utilize SEO and now have actionable steps I can take that will greatly improve my overall business. If your having any issues with your SEO I highly recommend Geek Heros .
- Marsha
Patryk was knowledgeable and patient as he walked me through an SEO audit for my Cabinetry business. I learned much more about SEO, search engines, and website optimization than I thought possible in an hour! I'm working to implement his suggestions and can't wait to see the results in helping future clients find my business. Thanks Patryk!
- Jonathan
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My goal is to help you beat out the competition. I do everything with ROI as my north star. I truly believe in giving as much value as I can and building relationships with amazing people. 

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