A Good Foundation gets you found, mitigates issues, & Cushions effects from Algorithm Updates 

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"Technical SEO is the foundation that all other SEO builds upon." -Patryk Stanczak

Why Focus On Technical SEO

Optimize URL Structure

Optimize URLs so they make more sense for the search engines and the users.

Enhances Page Speed

One of the big factors for Bounce Rate is page speed if you have a slow site. Increase this for a better user experience.

Better Navigation

If you make the Navigation easy to use and in a way that flows nicely for your users, you'll get better results.

Mobile Friendly Site

No longer is "mobile friendly" in the future, it's in the present. You need to build to mobile devices first.

Foundation For SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation for all SEO. If you're not indexed in Google you are basically not real in it's eyes. 

Better Site Security

If you don't have sever side security with the most up to date protocols and a security plugin... you probably should. 
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Our Technical SEO Process, 
explained step by step

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Goal Setting
Foundational SEO Implementation
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Technical SEO, the foundation for inbound Traffic

FREE Technical SEO Audit

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Technical SEO Checklist

These are some things we do for our Foundational SEO Package
Image Optimization
Optimize Robots.txt
Optimize your URL structure
Fix Broken Links
Site Structure
Address Thin Content
Breadcrumb Menus
Implement Schema
Site Speed
Google Search Console
Bing Webmaster Tools
Canonical URLs
404 Pages
XML Sitemap
Mobile Friendliness
Naming Structure
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Search Engines Are Important Visitors, Optimize For Them Too

What's Next?

So you built a site and you have your technical SEO completed with a solid foundation, now what? There will be upkeep to the site, you'll want people to start finding it on their own, you might want to put together a marketing strategy as well, capture emails, do ads and get your cat out of a tree.. Well there seems to be so much to do. Here are a few follow-up things you can do!
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Hosting & Maintenance
You want to focus on running your business and not having to deal with small issues and updates on the site. We continue with you and maintain the beautiful site for you and your customers.
Organic Growth
Organic Growth is the long-game. You need to start SEO as soon as possible to generate that organic traffic to your site and into the bottom line.
Marketing Strategy
You have a great site and need to drive traffic. We go through your business and devise a unique Holistic Marketing Strategy just for you to drive more sales.
Email Automation
Using ActiveCampaign as our foundation, we create and implement automations to fully automate and maximize your email list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You sign up for a FREE Technical SEO Audit and one of our Hero's will hop on a call with you going over everything in-depth.

Do I need to install anything?

There are many factors that this depends on, but usually the answer is yes. If you are using WordPress for your CMS than you will be able to install a tool such as RankMath in order to manage some of the Technical and On-page SEO.

How long does SEO take?

The most commonly asked question. The answer is it depends.. not the best answer, but it will take a while and depending on your budget and other marketing efforts you are taking, it could be quicker. We always tell our clients that for any long-term growth that comes from SEO you will need to give it a solid 6 months to see results. The longer you do this, the bigger the results will be. Think of a snowball effect.

What is SEO and what are the results supposed to be?

Search Engine Optimization is part of the inbound marketing portion of your marketing funnel. The goal is to get new people to the site without spending ad dollars. The results you'll see from it are in the form of Organic Traffic. Organic Traffic is traffic that comes to your page from a search engine results page (SERP) such as Google. Someone has to search for something, one of your URLs come up and that person clicks on the link and comes to your page.

When should I start SEO?

SEO is like investing. Warren Buffet once said that his biggest regret in life is that he started until he was 11 to start investing... that's basically SEO in a nutshell. There isn't an early enough time to start. It grows like a snowball rolling down the side of a mountain constantly growing. So if you haven't started yet, check out some of our SEO packages and get a FREE Technical Audit or Local SEO Audit.

What are keywords?

The one thing people think of when they think of SEO is usually "Google" and "Keywords". Technical SEO is your foundation that everything is built upon, but then a great keyword strategy comes next. Keywords are the words or phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.

Will I be able to make changes to SEO after the site is launched?

Yes, SEO is an on-going thing that will constantly happen as you grow as a company. You can also fully plan out an initial SEO strategy before your website launches.

What kind of sites does this work for?

Although WordPress is best for SEO, you can do some on-page optimization for SEO on others as well. SEO can and should be applied to every site to be found. Without SEO or anything to drive traffic to your site, a website is like "nailing a flyer to a tree in the middle of the forest hoping someone will come by and find it".

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