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On-Page SEO audit

"Blogs are tools that help you be found for more things." -Patryk Stanczak

Why Focus On On-Page SEO

Content Strategy

In order to maintain consistency when it comes to content, you need to have some kind of strategy.

Page Optimization

Make sure all of your old pages serve a purpose and you optimize towards that purpose and then check them.

More Relevant Traffic

To increase conversion and ROI you need more and better traffic. On-Page SEO can make that happen.

Rank Higher on SERPs

If you put a lot of effort and do the right things, with time you'll have a chance at that first place in the SERP.
Done right the first time

Our On-Page SEO Process, 
explained step by step

On-Page SEO Audit
Goal Setting
Content Planning
KW Research
Content Calendar
On-Going Creation

On-Page SEO are your keywords relevant, Accessible, and  worthwhile?

On-Page SEO Audit

Get An On-Page SEO Audit, Anytime.

On-Page SEO Package

Content & Keyword Planning Make Your Blog Stand Out
4-Monthly Articles
Title Tags
Meta Descriptions
Asana PM Tool
Built-In Dashboard
Weekly Communication
Header Tags
LSI Keywords
Robust Content Approval
ROI Based Content
Content Calendar
Compelling Content
SEO On-Page Audit
Content Planning
Industry Specific Writers
Industry Leading Tools
Keyword Pool
start being found

Google Needs Unique, Niche Relevant and Fresh Content

What's Next?

So you built a site, technical SEO, and On-Page Strategy, now what? There will be upkeep to the site, you'll want people to start finding it on their own, you might want to put together a marketing strategy as well, capture emails, do ads and get your cat out of a tree.. Well there seems to be so much to do. Here are a few follow-up things you can do!
free marketing strategy call
Hosting & Maintenance
You want to focus on running your business and not having to deal with small issues and updates on the site. We continue with you and maintain the beautiful site for you and your customers.
Organic Growth
Organic Growth is the long-game. You need to start SEO as soon as possible to generate that organic traffic to your site and into the bottom line.
Marketing Strategy
You have a great site and need to drive traffic. We go through your business and devise a unique Holistic Marketing Strategy just for you to drive more sales.
Email Automation
Using ActiveCampaign as our foundation, we create and implement automations to fully automate and maximize your email list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You sign up for a On-Page SEO Audit and one of our Hero's will hop on a call with you going over everything in-depth.

Do I need to install anything?

One of the ways small companies get started is through a keyword package. You and one of our Heros go through a fact-finding mission together to piece together a strategy for your content. After this strategy our Heros will put together a sweet list of keywords for you to get ranked.

How long does SEO take?

The most commonly asked question. The answer is it depends.. not the best answer, but it will take a while and depending on your budget and other marketing efforts you are taking, it could be quicker. We always tell our clients that for any long-term growth that comes from SEO you will need to give it a solid 6 months to see results. The longer you do this, the bigger the results will be. Think of a snowball effect.

What is Keyword research?

Keyword research helps you determine the keywords you should optimize for current and future pages of your site. Ex. If you have a cleaning service in Chicago linke Ewas Cleaning Service, but you discover that Chicago Cleaning Service is a better match with more volume of search per month and relatively easy to rank... then you decide that this will be what we want to rank for. We then apply it and wait for the results to come or give it a push depending on the package you choose. 

What are Keywords?

The one thing people think of when they think of SEO is usually "Google" and "Keywords". Technical SEO is your foundation that everything is built upon, but then a great keyword strategy comes next. Keywords are the words or phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines.

Why is blogging important to SEO?

One rule to remember when dealing with getting ranked on google AKA On-Page SEO is that you should only choose "One Focus Keyword per page per website. If you don't follow this rule you will end up catabolizing your content by having two pages compete for the same keyword. If you do this, you'll rank for neither. Creating a great Blog is hard, but worthwhile for this reason alone. If you create a great blog you'll attract a lot of people to your site organically (this is the goal of SEO!) and they will invite others for that niche you're writing to. 

What kind of blog should I have?

You need to decide what your business is, what kind of blogs your direct and indirect competition has, and then decide what makes sense for you. You now have the idea of what your blog can be. Now is the tough decision where you decide what you'll become a subject matter expert in and voila, there you have it, the start of your blogging journey.

What is On-Page Optimization?

There are many components to On-Page Optimization, but what to remember is you will do it to current content and future content. Some of the components are: Meta descriptions, alt text for images, Title Tag, Breadcrumbs, Focus Keywords, LSI Keywords, Anchor text, etc...

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